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is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

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“Ian George is a fanciful folk troubadour with a rhythmic flow and spirited vision. He’s an American Matt Corby; a heartwarming blend of Iron & Wine’s folk and Vampire Weekend’s frisky energy. George’s music is the type to which one would ascribe words like frolic and wandering, but his songs are equally intimate and emotional... Worthy of everyone’s ears, songs we can teach our children, our parents, our grandparents, and ourselves.” ~Atwood Magazine

“Dreamy musical landscapes and a beautiful voice.” ~ The Current (MPR)

Ian has performed at these notable festivals/venues:

  • Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridge, England

  • Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, England

  • Four Corners Folk Festival, Pagosa Spring, CO

  • Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

  • High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, CA

  • Kate Wolf Folk Festival, Black Oak Ranch, CA

  • Wintergrass, Bellevue, WA

  • Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, OR

  • Beloved, Tidewater, OR

  • Sisters Folk Festival, Sister, OR

  • Tractor Tavern, WA

“Effulgent eclecticism on display in the forthcoming album. George's forward-looking new offering is a subtle explosion of vibrant colors that delight.” ~PopMatters

"Really engrossing, atmospheric music that feels a little different to anything else about."  ~FOLK ROOM RECORDS

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the debut album

"Kingdom of my Youth"

was recorded at French musician M's (Matthieu Chedid) Studio (Labo M) in Paris, France and was released February 15, 2019.

“There’s a gauzy float to George’s voice that calls up John Martyn.” ~ RnR Magazine

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Ian performs solo, with a duo/trio, and with entire band.

Who?: A frisky and flamboyantly charismatic whipper-snapper of a young man (occasionally flaunting an enormously overgrown orange beard), Ian George is really just a simple folk singer who takes great fancy in playing around kitchen tables being ridiculous, and snacking. For a decade Ian has been writing and singing songs for a handful of bands ever since the pivotal moment of being mangled and tasered by three brutally aggressive Eugene, Oregon police officers. After leaving the front-lines of activism behind, he turned to homesteading and minstreling as a form of activism. "I believe in music and stories, I believe they change the world," says Ian, often. Ian is somewhat frighteningly slender (openly vocalized mostly by his mother) and enjoys performing shoe-less and sweater-full. The crowds really enjoy his ballerina frolic through the kitchen adorned with nothing but his daughter's tutu story. If Ian was good enough and could make enough money playing as an Irish fiddler, he would.. But since he's not (not yet) he instead frontiers the Contemporary-Art-Folk-Music world, happily. Ian's live performance is an experimental and emotional ride teeming with unpredictable banter and play. Ian more often than not tours with his gorgeous band of talented handsome men (percussion, electric guitar, violin, bass). Ian was born and raised and currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Offering workshops is one of Ian's favorite ways to connect with communities as he tours. 

The interactive Songwriting Workshop focuses on inspiration for composition, ideas how to traverse new territories in one's creative process, and how to build a local community of songwriting circles.

Past Workshops: Wintergrass Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Singing Alive, Plants enchant, California World Festival, and many public home workshops.