Some nice things people had to say…. 
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“Dreamy musical landscapes and a gorgeous voice.” ~ The Current (MPR)

“Ian George is a fanciful folk troubadour with a rhythmic flow and spirited vision. He’s an American Matt Corby; a heartwarming blend of Iron & Wine’s folk and Vampire Weekend’s frisky energy. George’s music is the type to which one would ascribe words like frolic and wandering, but his songs are equally intimate and emotional... Worthy of everyone’s ears, songs we can teach our children, our parents, our grandparents, and ourselves.” ~ Atwood Magazine

“Effulgent eclecticism on display in the forthcoming album. George's forward-looking new offering is a subtle explosion of vibrant colors that delight.” ~PopMatters

“Poetic, lush, and cautious songs that will resonate with anyone in transition. Despite the eight tunes defying comparison, each song here is a treasure.” ~ New Noise Magazine

“There’s a gauzy float to George’s voice that calls up John Martyn.” ~ RnR Magazine

"Really engrossing, atmospheric music that feels a little different to anything else about."  ~ FOLK ROOM RECORDS

“passionate, purposeful and relatable” ~ Concert Communicator

“tolkien like ramblings and adventurous instrumentation; weirdly inviting.” ~ Maverick Magazine