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Hi I'm Ian. This is a picture of me. I'm from Minnesota. I play music by myself and also with a really groooovy band. I believe in music and good stories. I believe they change the world. I really hope someday I can play music for you and tell good stories. Remember, this is an unfathomable and weird experiment and we are all in this thing together. i love you. xx


Who is this guy?:   A frisky and flamboyantly charismatic whipper-snapper of a young man (occasionally flaunting an enormously overgrown orange beard), Ian George is really just a simple folk singer who takes great fancy in playing around kitchen tables being ridiculous, and snacking.. For a decade Ian has been writing and singing songs for a handful of bands ever since the pivotal moment of being mangled and tasered by three brutally aggressive Eugene, Oregon police officers. After leaving the front-lines of activism behind, he turned to homesteading and minstreling as a form of activism. "I believe in music and stories, I believe they change the world," says Ian, often. Ian is somewhat frighteningly slender (openly vocalized mostly by his mother) and enjoys performing shoe-less and sweater-full.  The crowds really enjoy his ballerina frolic through the kitchen adorned with nothing but his daughter's tutu story. If Ian was good enough and could make enough money playing as an Irish fiddler, he would.. But since he's not (not yet) he instead frontiers the Contemporary-Art-Folk-Music world, happily. Ian's live performance is an experimental and emotional ride teeming with unpredictable banter. Ian more often than not tours with his gorgeous band of talented handsome men (percussion, electric guitar, violin, bass). Ian was born and raised and currently resides in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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